Unique Offers Available to YellowWood Travellers

‘Aquapure Traveller’ Water Filtration Bottle for just £20 (RRP £39.00)

YellowWood Adventures are very proud to be working with Pure Hydration, specialists in personal and expedition water purification, instantly, and on-demand.

We recognise that the ability to produce safe drinking water from sources off the beaten track, of sometimes dubious quality,  offers incredible benefits to our adventure travellers and so are excited to be subsidising this product to make it more accessible to you.  We believe that the Aquapure Traveller System is totally perfect for your YellowWood Adventure.

Benefits to YellowWood Clients

  • Reduction of risk of acute infection and chronic illness from drinking contaminated water
  • Avoids dehydration (through lack of access to clean water)
  • Safe water for taking medications and for minor wound irrigation
  • Easy to use
  • Collect and go from any non –saline source and drink when ready
  • No wait time
  • No unpleasant taste associated with chlorine based chemical disinfection products
  • Environmentally friendly – avoids one use plastic bottle waste
  • Robust bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent value: Each bottle purifies 350L of water. At RRP of £39 that means a cost of 11.4p / l.  We are subsidising the bottles, offering YellowWood travellers a bottle for £20.00 working out at only 5.71p/litre! For comparison, in Tesco’s, a 500ml of Highland water will cost you 25p (and mean use of a plastic bottle that will end up as waste).


The AquaPure Travller (APT) bottle is the culmination of over 20 years of continual development of the product in terms of the bottle and the purifier cap.

  • FDA approved plastic cap that can be removed with one hand, or when wearing gloves
  • Integrated cap and purification module with a capacity of up to 350L of water
  • Unique shape acts as a physical pump
  • The bottle is made form food grade FDA approved low-density polyethylene
  • Water capacity of 700ml
  • Weight empty: 83g
  • Weight full: 786g
  • Dimensions: 220mmH x 70mm D
  • Colour: Titanium and Black
  • Operational range from 0-50degrees C

How does it work?

The purification core or Mechanically Advanced Disinfection capsule (aka M.A.D) contains up to 500 layers of pores between high surface area, sub-micron, charged neo-alumina fibres, Powdered Activated Carbon and antimicrobial silver impregnated zeolites.

The fibres create a natural electropositive charge, which covers the depth and void volume between the fibres and removes negatively charged submicron particles (e.g. viruses).  Larger particles, e.g. bacteria and parasitic protozoan pathogens, are captured by electro adhesion and mechanical action, with the restriction of pathogenic cysts by mechanical restraint within the fibre matrix.

The small PAC particle size produces a rapid reaction with chemical contaminants.

The silver ion impregnate in the -2 micron zeolites is used to inactivate and inhibit growth of retained bacteria and is only released by ion exchange allowing for controlled delivery.

The media component is permanently bonded to the cap and is replaced as a complete unit when necessary

Effectiveness in tests:

  • Bacteria: 99.99997%
  • Viruses: 99.999%
  • Protozoa: 99.993%
Effective against: Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Salmonella, Hepatitis A & E, Norovirus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Tapeworm, Polio, Travellers Diarrhoea

T’s & C’s:

  • One subsidised APT bottle per YellowWood booking after deposit payment received.
  • Email cathy@yellowwoodadventures.com to secure your bottle.  Payment (£20) can be made by BACS to YellowWood Adventures Ltd, Sort Code 309626, Acc 24258768.  Please use the reference APT-, followed by your surname eg APT-Thompson
  • We will then ensure that there is a bottle available for you at your start hotel.  Please note that we are currently not able to post your bottle out to you in advance of your adventure (but this does mean more space in your luggage!)

15% Discount off full Montane Range

Montane have a fabulous and extensive range of lightweight clothing and equipment built for quality and endurance. Whether you are looking for clothing for Men or Women, to waterproof, or insulate, they have a fantastic range on offer and their Lifetime guarantee gives you ultimate confidence in their products.   We are proud to announce that all clients booking onto a YellowWood Adventure in 2020 are able to receive a 15% discount on items ordered online at www.montane.co.uk.

T’s & C’s:

  • 1 discount per client (code can only be used once).
  • Discount code to be provided on receipt of deposit payment
  • Discount code to be entered online at www.montane.co.uk at the Payment stage (NB you will need to create a Montane account).