8 nights based on twin sharing

8 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches,      8 Dinners

Includes all transfers, guides and porters

Beginner – intermediate max. 5 hours in a day

Sat 22nd –
Sun 30th Aug 2020


  • Four days of horse riding
  • Ride through the beautiful Naiman Nuur region
  • Stay with local nomadic families in gers
  • Ride/hike up to a picturesque mountain monastery

Ride horses through the sublime Naiman Nuur mountainous region of Central Mongolia, staying with local nomadic families along the way in their felt gers to experience their pastoral way of life, delicious natural foods and culture. You can hike alongside if you prefer as the distances we travel each day are manageable – or why not try horse riding for the first time! We will also visit beautifully preserved 16th Century Buddhist Monasteries and ride Bactrian camels across the sands of the Gobi Desert.

Not Included: Flights, visas, insurance (mandatory), airport taxes, tips, beverages, souvenirs

Full Itinerary for Mongolia Nomad Horse Riding Adventure

Day 1: Arrive Ulaanbaatar, city tour

After transferring to our hotel we will take a city tour of the capital Ulaanbaatar (Red Warrior) including the incredible Gandantegchinlen Monastery that houses a 26.5-meter-high golden statue of Avalokiteśvara, a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas, before our first group dinner together in the city.

Day 2: Drive to Kharkhorin, and visit Erden Zuu Monastery

Todays destination is Kharkhorin, the site of Genghis Khan’s ancient capital of the Mongol Empire.  The 5 hr journey gives us a wonderful introduction to Mongolia’s landscapes (and an opportunity to recover from any travel fatigue!).  Once in the town we will take a tour of the stunning temples of the 16th Century Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery, surrounded by monumental walls and 108 white stupas, before staying with local families in gers.

Day 3: Horse ride/hike to Tovkhom Monastery, visit Orkhon waterfall

After a short drive out into the wild, forested steppe we will horse ride/hike up to Tovkhom Monastery, situated atop a small mountain with breath-taking panoramic views of the surrounding area. This is where
Zanabazar, the head and founder of Mongolian Buddhism, created his famous art works and also the national script
’soyombo’ in 16th Century. We continue our trip by car to where the Ulaan Tsutgalan (Red Convergence) River meets the Orkhon River in one of the biggest waterfalls in Mongolia before a night in gers.

Day 4: Begin our horse ride/hike into Naiman Nuur region

We trek along the Orkhon valley before heading up into the mountain scenery, past numerous ger camps and pasturing livestock. The route takes us over small rivers and through valleys before ascending a forested mountain with a deep gash where a river cuts through it. We will stay with local families who will cook their traditional food for us and can help to bring in the herds of yaks and goats before nightfall when the stars come out in all their brilliance in this remote region. 4-5 hours riding.

Day 5: Horse riding/hiking in Naiman Nuur

Khuisiin Naiman Nuur means ‘eight lakes of the navel’ and we will see many of these lakes throughout our route. The area was created by volcanic eruptions 8000 years ago and is surrounded by the now extinct volcanoes. Our morning begins with a steep ascent up and over a pass before we make our way through a valley on a gentle incline up to Huis Nuur where we will stay with families who transport their gers here on yaks, with a wide vista of this absolutely stunning area. 4 hours riding.

Day 6: Horse riding/hiking in Naiman Nuur

After making our way across the valley surrounded by many smaller lakes we again ascend up through more forest until we come to the biggest of the lakes; Naiman Nuur itself. With a long, forested peninsular cutting through its waters and steep mountains rising from its banks, it feels like a Norwegian fjord, and it is a great treat to ride alongside its waters. We head up into the high national park where we will meet back up with our vehicles and stay for the night. 4-5 hours riding.

Day 7: Drive to Bayan Gobi, ride a Bactrian camel in the desert

Today we drive to the desert ger camp of Bayan Gobi, situated on the edge of the Gobi Desert. We will ride enormous woolly Bactrian camels (two humps) across the sand dunes in this windswept, remote and beautiful spot, surrounded by mountains receding into the distance and the fearsome desert stretching for waterless miles upon miles to the south.

Day 8: Drive to Ulaanbaatar, watch traditional dancing

We head back to the capital for a spot of souvenir shopping at the thriving, so called ‘Black Market’, before attending a cultural performance with traditional Mongolian dancing and music.  Our adventure finishes with a delicious final group dinner in the city and exploring UB’s nightlife.

Day 9: Fly out of Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian horses tend to be small, but have tremendous stamina and speed, and are well adapted to the harsh environment of the steppe where they have thrived for centuries. They are well used to being ridden as the nomads use them throughout the year as a means of transport and for herding their livestock. Riding freely through the endless horizons of this historical land is an awe-inspiring feeling of freedom, and a complete return to the natural way of life so sorely missing from many modern societies.

We will learn about the history of the areas we travel through; visiting the site where Genghis Khan founded the famed cosmopolitan capital city of the Mongolian Empire in the 12th Century, and riding through the Orkhon Valley where he finally defeated the army of Tayang Khan, leader of the western Naiman tribe, to unite the nine Mongol tribes before conquering Central Asia as far as the Danube in Hungary. We will also pass many ancient nomadic burial sites and one of the mysterious ‘Deer Stones’ scattered across Siberia and Mongolia, dating from the peoples of the Bronze Age.

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