8 nights based on twin sharing

8 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches,      8 Dinners

Includes all transfers, guides and porters

5/7 hours per day

Sat 16th – Sun 24th
November 2019

£1,299 £975

  • Explore 13th Century rock-hewn churches
  • Walk through villages and meet local people

  • Camp in beautiful valleys and hike up to great views
  • Experience traditional food, music & dancing

On this stunning adventure we will explore beautiful ancient rock-hewn churches carved high up into the mountainsides of the mind-blowing formations of Gheralta Mountains. We will camp in beautifully situated campsites such as under a giant sycamore tree and in a huge natural cave; meeting local villages along the way and learning about their culture as our unique route takes us through many villages and farmsteads, very rarely visited by foreigners. 

Optional extras: Horse riding, single accommodation 

Not Included: Flights, visas, insurance (mandatory), airport taxes, tips, beverages, souvenirs

Full Itinerary for Lalibela & Gheralta Mountains Adventure

Day 1: Journey begins in Addis Ababa 

Our adventure begins with a tour of this liveliest of cities including its Cathedral, National Museum and Merkato. In the evening we will watch traditional musicians and dancers performing different tribal dances in a culture house before dinner at a restaurant and a jazz club or two for any interested parties.

Day 2: Addis Ababa to Lalibela

We hop on our short one-hour national flight to the historic town of Lalibela where we will begin our guided tour of the ancient 13th Century rock-hewn churches, easily the most famous of all the monuments across this enormous country. Our professional local guide will lead us through the intricate system of underground passages that link the incredibly beautiful eleven churches in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 3: Lalibela to Axum

It is up to a 12-hour drive from Lalibela to the Gheralta Mountains so instead we will take the short flight to the ancient capital city of Axum to view its 4th Century  24-metre-tall granite stele and explore its charming markets and town centre. After a relaxing lunch we will drive for a couple of hours to our lodge in the Gheralta Mountains for dinner and a rest before our trekking adventure begins!

Day 4: Begin Gheralta Mountains Trek

After being dropped off closer to the range, we will immediately ascend to take in the magnificence of the area. We will visit Yohannes Makudi rock church, which we will view inside along with all the other churches high up in the mountains, before descending down to our campsite, situated in the beautiful Debre Zion valley with cactus, olive, sycamore and eucalyptus trees. 4/5 hours walking

Day 5: Debre Zion to giant sycamore tree camp

We will view the delightful Abuna Abraham rock church, which again requires a good climb in order to reach it; the views both inside and out always making the excursion worth it however. Tonight we will camp under the biggest sycamore tree in the region, a wonderful spot where many of the local exotic birds flock to nest in its branches.4/5 hours walking

Day 6: Sycamore tree to Agoza camp

On the way we can climb Mt. Kemmer, the highest mountain in the Gheralta range affording 360° views of the surrounding mountains and desert plateau of Tigray. We will also pass by a tiny rock hermitage carved into the mountainside before reaching our camp in Agoza village, where we will camp in the grounds of the local school, chatting with the villagers that often congregate there. 7 hours walking

Day 7: Agoza to Koraro camp

Our hike takes us up to beautiful Abuna Gebre Michael rock church carved deep into the mountainside and adorned with magnificent frescos. We then follow the priest down a narrow natural defile cut through the rock of the mountain which leads to our campsite. This is situated in the lee of an enormous natural cave with a sandy floor for our tents. We celebrate with a barbecue of fresh meat and beer brought up from the nearest village, a campfire and dancing! 5 hours walking

Day 8: Journey ends in Addis Ababa

We will drive from Koraro to visit either the world-renowned Abuna Yemata or the beautiful Mariam Koko rock churches; depending on your preferences as the climb to Abuna Yemata is rather steep, requiring simple ropes and a harness for one particular spot as you ascend the giant stalagmite. This being said, for those who brave the climb it is one of the most incredible things you will ever see! We then drive to Mekele Airport for our flight back to Addis Ababa for our final group dinner at one of the best restaurants in town.

Day 9: Fly out from Addis Ababa

  • Explore 13th Century rock-hewn churches
  • Walk through villages and meet local people
  • Camp in beautiful valleys and hike up to great views
  • Experience traditional food, music & dancing

We will regularly meet with local villagers and learn how they perform activities such as the famous coffee ceremony and the making of their staple food; injera. Our stay in a beautiful mountain lodge overlooking the ‘Spaghetti-Western’-like silhouettes of the Gheralta Mountains at sunset precedes our completely unique five-day trek, taking us through these remote mountains and friendly local villages.

The tour includes a tour around Addis Ababa, and also the historic town of Lalibela, where a local guide will take us around the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s ancient 13th Century rock-hewn churches, commonly referred to as ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’.

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Flight Information:

International and national flights are not included in the adventure price. Clients will need to purchase three national flights for this adventure: Addis Ababa to Lalibela, Lalibela to Axum, & Makale to Addis Ababa. Up to a 50% discount is available for these flights if clients’ international carrier is also Ethiopian Airlines; which will bring the total cost of these three national flights to only £122.

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