Kyrgyzstan adventure travel: At the very heart of the ancient Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan houses some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world.

Hike through the beautiful snow-capped Tian Shan Mountains; camp on the shores of turquoise glacial lakes; bathe in the natural mountain hot springs.

Ride horses across verdant plateaus and stay in traditional yurts – the home of the local nomadic peoples whose culture of horsemanship, archery, falconry and wrestling is still preserved in all its glory.

  • 9 day adventure
  • 13-21 June 2020
  • Tour the stunning lakes of Kyrgyzstan experiencing the nomadic way of life of the local people


  • 10 day adventure
  • 14-23 August 2020
  • Hike and/or ride through very rarely visited and wild areas of the Tian Shan Mountains


  • 20 day adventure
  • Bespoke (no set date)
  • Hike, camp and fly along one of the largest non-polar glaciers in the world and the largest glacier in Kyrgyzstan


  • 12 day adventure
  • Bespoke (no set date)
  • Climb the stunning and challenging Peak Palatka with breathtaking views of the surrounding Tian Shan Mountains


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Recommended Reading

  • The Silk Roads – Peter Frankopan

  • The Great Game – Peter Hopkirk

  • Central Asia: Through Writers’ Eyes – Kathleen Hopkirk

  • Restless Valley – Philip Shishkin

“Joining the trekking tour to Kyrgyzstan with YellowWood Adventures was the best experience ever. You embark on a true adventure going to remote non-touristy places unlike other rival tour operators that boast of going to unbeaten paths. The company offers a bespoke personalised service and you are certainly not treated like a reference number. I highly recommend the YellowWood Adventures experience.”

Ben Wee, London