Ethiopia adventure travel: ‘The Tibet of Africa’ – an ancient mountainous land and one of the first countries in the world to adopt the Christian faith.

Hike through the 13th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela; traverse the highest mountain plateau of Africa with its vast array of indigenous wildlife; taste the finest coffee in the lush jungles of the south – the very birthplace of coffee itself.

Experience first-hand the generous hospitality of this lasting, rich and delightfully friendly culture.

  • 9 Day Adventure
  • 21-29 September 2019
  • View ancient churches carved into the mountainsides


  • 9 day adventure
  • 05-13 October 2019
  • Traverse the highest plateau in Africa viewing wolves


  • 14 day adventure
  • 06-19 October 2019
  • Lalibela, Axum, Simien & Gheralta Mountains


  • 9 Day Adventure
  • 7-15 December 2019
  • Discover the lush jungles of Kaffa; the very birthplace of coffee


  • 9 Day Adventure
  • 5-13 January 2020
  • Experience the most important celebration of the year in Ethiopia


  • 15 Day Adventure
  • Bespoke (no set date)
  • Experience the beauty of two majestic mountains ranges


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Recommended Reading

  • In Ethiopia With a Mule – Dervla Murphy

  • The Emperor – Ryszard Kapuscinski

  • Remote People & Waugh in Abyssinia – Evelyn Waugh

  • The Lure of the Honey Bird – Elizabeth Laird

Ethiopia boasts a history and geography that mark it apart as a destination. In only nine days we were able to get a strong sense of the culture, food, history and nature – which is a testament to YellowWood Adventures who arranged the trip for us. We were spoiled by our guides and porters along the way, as well as the delicious food that greeted us at the end of every day’s trek. Better still, no other tourists in sight!”

Dominic James, Dubai